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Senior Showcase 2020

Milan Colmenarez
VLA Senior Milan Colmenarez

Milan’s focus on health and wellness encouraged him to work with NCS’s middle school soccer and sports teams in promoting healthy and safe environments for students to focus on personal and physical health.

CLICK HERE for Milan's Senior Portfolio

Vincenzo Terzi
VLA Vincenzo Terzi

 Vincenzo spent his Senior Experience time working with the NCS Business office, gaining real-world business and office management skills to better hone his career and work planning. CLICK Here for Business Office Video to Vincenzo

CLICK HERE for Vincenzo's Senior Portfolio

Terron Francies
VLA Senior Terron Francies

Terron’s kindness and compassion made him an excellent volunteer at the Front Street Animal Shelter and gave him the opportunity to support our community through caring for those who need help most.

CLICK HERE for Terron's Senior Portfolio

Calvin Walker
VLA Senior Calvin

Calvin worked to support the Habitat for Humanity organization, ensuring that families are supported in finding and maintaining safe housing in Sacramento.

CLICK HERE for Calvin's Senior Portfolio

Savion Perea
VLA Senior Savion Perea

As an elite gymnast, Savion chose to focus his Senior Experience on sharing the benefits of his sport through private coaching and skill development.

CLICK HERE for Savion's Senior Portfolio

Zachary Chatters
VLA Senior Zack Chatters

Zack’s love of musical theatre and his passion for supporting the arts in his community earned him a chair position organizing and implementing the “Curtains Up!” fundraiser for the Sacramento Theatre Company. Zack’s efforts and success reflect his hard work and innovative thinking.

CLICK HERE for Zack's Senior Portfolio

Aaliyah Gaffney
VLA Senior Aaliyah Gaffney

Aaliyah used her Senior Project to support the local chapters of the NAACP and work to better community understanding and support of cultural identity and support of the diverse populations in Sacramento County.

CLICK HERE for Aaliyah's Senior Portfolio

Isabella Meyers
VLA Senior Bella Meyers

Bella has worked to support women in the Sacramento community by supporting WEAVE in providing safety and security to women looking to better their lives.

CLICK HERE for Bella's Senior Portfolio

Karina Wilbur
VLA Senior Karina Wilbur

Karina chose to focus her love of math to support NCS teachers and students in successfully implementing Mathspaces in the middle school!

CLICK HERE for Karina's Senior Portfolio

Niraj Saral
Niraj Saral

Niraj has focused his efforts on digitally supporting animals in the community by raising funds, despite COVID shutdowns, and continuing to support the community from home.

CLICK HERE for Niraj's Senior Portfolio

Maya Catlin
VLA Senior Maya Catlin

Despite some hiccups in her initial goals, Maya’s shift to her love of art is pushing her to create an artistic homage to her graduating class, despite her inability to return to school!

CLICK HERE for Maya's Senior Portfolio

Pele Diamond
VLA Senior Pele Diamond

Pele’s efforts to take advantage of dual enrollment opportunities has earned her almost a full associate's degree, before she’s even graduated high school!  Pele shares her knowledge and expertise with all of NCS and the community through her project!

CLICK HERE for Pele's Senior Portfolio

Samuel Alvarez-Oakes
Samuel Alvarez-Oakes

Sam is an incredible musician and a passionate learner.  Sam’s Senior Experience focused on bringing his love of music to students in our community by designing an enrichment course for Star Academy!

CLICK HERE for SAM's Senior Portfolio