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Senior Showcase 2021

Dylan Beers

VLA Senior Dylan Beers

Book making was the last thing in Dylans mind, but when he wrote a book revolving around dungeons and dragons he took on the challenge at hand. He made his new book known as “Endrion.”

Dylan's Senior Portfolio

Jack Beilenson

VLA Senior Jack Beilenson

Taking the leading role in the organization of the 2020 Natomas Charter Candidate Forum, Jack developed his interest in politics through research and outreach with community members. He also challenged his anxiety over public-speaking by moderating the two-hour event live.

Jack's Senior Portfolio

Emelia brzozowski

VLA Senior Emelia Brzozowski

Mia has been doing theatre for over 9 years, which sparked her interest in becoming a Curtains Up chair for Sacramento Theatre Company. She helped organize and create the 2021 fundraiser for the school of the arts programs.

Mia's Senior Portfolio

katie brzozowski

VLA Senior Katie Brzozowski

Katie has been a part of theater for a long time, and being the operations chair for Curtains Up! Stages, Screens, and Stars was the perfect opportunity to give back to Sacramento Theatre Company for giving Katie so many opportunities over the years.

Katie's Senior Portfolio

Emma cross

VLA Senior Emma Cross

Emma has always been an artistic person. She loves art and anything that has to do with it. She felt as if it was time to give back and make an art magazine showcasing the talent of her school. She was able to collect art from all our schools and let them show their incredible talents.

Emma's Senior Portfolio

Angelina Del Monte

VLA Senior Angelina Del Monte

Witnessing how important togetherness and connectivity was especially in the pandemic, Angelina worked alongside Natomas Charter School to help develop a social media page that connected the Natomas Charter School community. Angelina developed her social media skills to create an impactful voice and purpose within the community.

Angelina's Senior Portfolio

Maxine genova

VLA Senior Maxine Genove

After Maxine realized that the pandemic brought about a huge disparity in academic opportunities, she made it her mission to bring career exploration directly to her community. Maxine combined her love for the arts, video games, and engineering to create an interactive role-playing game (RPG) and STEM website in hopes of motivating students to ignite their inner-engineer.

Maxine's Senior Portfolio

Gavin Gueths

VLA Senior Gavin Gueths

Gavin has always liked the idea of helping others. Because of the pandemic he got the opportunity to work with his elementary school teacher and help her teach in an online environment. Gavin was able to use his digital skills he has learned from VLA and implement it into his mentor’s online teaching. In his project he goes over the tools he used and the impact he made in the class.

Gavin's Senior Portfolio

Thomas haack

VLA Senior Thomas Haack

Tommy has been the leader of the GameMasters club for 2 years, and has now made instructional videos to help new members get ready for game nights.

Tommy's Senior Portfolio

Colin haugseth

VLA Senior Colin Haugseth

Colin has always taken an interest in anything related to engineering. When the opportunity arose, he partnered with Turner Construction, a world-leading company in construction, to produce a short documentary. His thoroughly edited film covers a brief yet detailed view of the industry, as well as those who work in it.

Colin's Senior Portfolio

Angelo Lacitinola

VLA Senior Angelo Lacitinola

Angelo has always been passionate about business, and the opportunity to spend the project time talking to people who are able to work for themselves everyday was an opportunity he could not refuse. He has always wanted to be his own boss and thinks that after this project he is more equipped than ever.

Angelo's Senior Portfolio

Ashley Yang

VLA Senior Ashley Yang

Since young, Ashley had struggled with being alone and feeling insecure, because of this she took to writing stories. Many ideas and characters were brought to life within her writings. In her book “Peony”, these two parts of her world greet each other in the form of a children’s book.

Ashley's Senior Portfolio

Mackenzie Urch

VLA Senior Mackenzie Urch

As freshman year of college approaches, Mackenzie has decided to use this project as a way to verify her plans to pursue an education in psychology. Through this project, that choice has been finalized.

Mackenzie's Senior Video

Antonio Tosco

VLA Senior Nino Tosco

At a very early age, Nino Tosco has always been one to explore how things work. Whether it was accidentally putting viruses on his parent’s computers or building complicated RC foam planes. Nino struggled with building his own projects due to the high cost of equipment and tools. With the option of a custom and cost effective 3D printer, Nino hopes to assist and inspire other young makers in need of tools to build their own amazing projects.

Nino's Senior Portfolio

Milo Schwartz

VLA Senior Milo Schwartz

Near the start of the school year, Milo Schwartz knew he wanted to help his community in a simple but meaningful way. Because of the recent increase in the national unemployment rate due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, he decided the best way to do this was to host a food drive with the goal of supporting a Sacramento area food bank and all the people who rely on their services.

Milo's Senior Portfolio

aaron schoen

VLA Senior Aaron Schoen

A Portfolio about how to set-up a successful Food Drive and The Hunger Problem.

Aaron's Senior Portfolio

Thi samelson

VLA Senior Thi Samelson

Throughout the pandemic, Thi acted on the importance of keeping the youth in her church community engaged and active while in the safety of their own homes. On top of that, Thi collected Christmas gift donations from the members of her community, wrapped them up, and sent them to the people in the economically-challenged town of Chiloquin, Oregon so they could experience Christmas as well.

Thi's Senior Portfolio

Evan Roth

VLA Senior Evan Roth

Evan has been an extremely passionate metalhead for years now. It is for that reason that he jumped at the chance to have a mentorship with a metal record label as soon as he possibly could. Throughout the year he has been working with Prosthetic Records and doing various assignments for them. But without a doubt the biggest thing he’s accomplished is going through the album “Let There Be Nothing” (by US power metal band Judicator), making notes and comments for each song and then writing 2 bios for the band and their album.

Evan's Senior Portfolio

Hunter paphavisit

VLA Senior Hunter Paphavisit

For the past three and a half years Hunter has taken an interest in D&D and the creative behind the scenes of the TTRPG. He decided to use his knowledge of D&D and tried to create an environment for middle-schoolers to allow them a space for safely expressing their creative ideas.

Hunter's Senior Portfolio

Toby Olson

VLA Senior Toby Olson

Toby has a passion for writing, and an interest in continuing to work on that passion. In accordance with this goal, he has interviewed six people in writing, media, and journalism careers for advice on future career options, and compiled the most important information into a small guide for others to use.

Toby's Senior Portfolio

Phoebe Olson

VLA Senior Phoebe Olson

Since Phoebe was born, she was destined to be a performer. The stage is where she shines and longs to be in the theatre. She decided to carry on the legacy of creating the Curtains Up fundraiser and produce this as her senior project. Her goal was to give back to the community with the gift of theatre.

Phoebe's Senior Portfolio