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Graduation Requirements

Each student will plan their own educational program with the advice and guidance of theirteacher and the school counselor. The information in this section is to help students consider their options and plan their program. The following chart presents the credit requirements for each VLA pathway.

Please note that students must complete the required cumulative credits in order to be promoted to the next grade level:                   

            10th Grade (sophomore)                      55 Cumulative Credit

            11th Grade (junior)                              110 Cumulative Credits

            12th Grade (senior)                              165 Cumulative Credits

Courses General Diploma College Prep Diploma
English 40 credits 40 credits

20 credits
(including completion of Algebra I)

30 credits
(Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)
4th year recommended
Social Studies

30 credits
World History
US History

30 credits
World History
US History
Science 20 credits
10 credits Biology
10 credits Physical Science or
Earth Science
20 credits
Lab Sciences (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
3rd year recommended
Fine Arts / Foreign Language 20 credits 20 credits of the same language
and 10 credits of CP Visual/Performing Arts*
Health 5 credits 5 credits
Physical Education 20 credits 20 credits
Electives 55 credits 35 credits of electives (at least 10 credits of
CP electives*)
Senior Project 10 credits 10 credits
TOTAL 220 credits 220 credits

*Look for College Prep designation in the course description book.