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Rules and Expectations

Learning Center Policies and Behavior Expectations

  1. Students must be signed in at the VLA front desk before entering the Learning Center.
  2. Anytime you leave the Center, you will need to sign the Hall Pass Sign-In Sheet at the desk and obtain a pass. (If you are found on campus in between classes without a pass, you can be issued a demerit for loitering.)
  3. Follow the Bell Schedule when waiting for or returning from class/lunch. If you are tardy when returning from a class/lunch, you will be issued a demerit.
  4. While you are in the Center, you are expected to be working quietly and independently on school related assignments,and utilizing the Internet for school-related research.
  5. Students are required to follow the computer log-on procedures given to them at their first meeting and should not give their password to anyone else or use another student's information to log-on to the computer.
  6. Students working on the computers are expected to follow Natomas Charter School's Acceptable Use Policy in regards to use of the Network/Internet. A copy of the AUP is posted in the Learning Center and you must have a signed agreement on file to use the computers on campus.
  7. Cell phones are to be turned completely off (not on quiet or vibrate mode) before entering the NCS campus and are not to be used to place or receive calls while on campus. A phone is available at the VLA front desk for students who need to call for a ride and parents who need to reach their student can call the VLA office.
  8. Students waiting to be picked up should remain in the Learning Center until their ride arrives. Parents can call the VLA office when they arrive at the campus loading zone.
  9. Demerits and/or Referrals will be issued as outlined in the VLA Behavior Expectations, Policies, and Consequences contained in the VLA Parent/Student Handbook.
  10. Students are limited to a maximum of 3 hours in the Learning Center per day.
  11. Students must inform the Learning Center supervisor prior to printing any documents and should wait for him/her to retrieve them from the printer.

The following activities are not allowed:

  • Use of floppy disks or CDs or flash drives to transport work from home
  • Chat rooms
  • Utilizing personal e-mail accounts (except to email the teacher and with permission from the LC supervisor)
  • Playing games
  • Personal CDs or software
  • Downloading software or other information
  • Online purchasing
  • Utilizing the Internet for non-school related research

Test Rules

  1. You must take your test at a front desk in the Learning Center.
  2. You must only have your test and pencil with you, unless you are required to use something else for the test.
  3. You must have 30 minutes to take a test, so you may not start when there is less than 30 minutes before lunch (12:20 Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri, 12:00 on Wednesdays) or less than 30 minutes before the Learning Center closes (3:00).
  4. Once you receive a test you must finish it.