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Academic Pathways

The Virtual Learning Academy is a hybrid online independent study program that allows for a flexible schedule and individual attention. This learning community supports diverse students from all backgrounds in grades 9-12. Students that excel in VLA are motivated and willing to focus on their education. VLA works well for students that want to work independently and focus on their education, for example: athletes, upper classmen that want to start taking college courses at the local community colleges, and students that have a hard time concentrating in the classroom environment. VLA provides an academic pathways to assist students in taking the correct courses to reach their post-high school goals via a college prep diploma. Students meet regularly with an academic coach one-on-one to go over their progress. Students then work independently and collaboratively on the assignments throughout the week. Students attend face-to-face workshop classes (weekly, bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly) that align with their academic courses. These workshops supplement the work they complete individually. Students have access to a state-of-the-art Mac lab as well as a comfortable "cafe" area in which to work alone or with others.

2016-17 VLA Course Descriptions

Inline with the mission, VLA provides two pathways to allow for flexibility and success while still providing academic rigor and accountability. The credit and class requirements vary for each pathway, depending on the academic and life goals of the students in each pathway. Upon acceptance into VLA, each student will meet with the counselor/teacher to assess academic standing and to determine which pathway is appropriate for the student and his/her goals

College Preparatory High School Diploma (220 credits)

Completion of required secondary school coursework mandated by the state of California and by the Natomas Charter School governing board as well as additional courses prescribed by the University of California for freshman entrance to UC and CSU campuses. A college preparatory high school diploma also means that the student has completed coursework that meet the UC “a-g” requirements. Students unable to complete all required courses for a college prep pathway, must complete an administrative waiver to be exempted from them.

Pathway Credit Requirements